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Becoming a Mindfulness Instructor and create a mindful world.

Starting with our 3-month Mindfulness Instructor Training, you will master essential principles of mindfulness and nearly 30 new techniques. Upon completing this teacher training, you can guide a 12-week mindfulness program for your students and make an everlasting, positive impact on their lives.

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Your Mindfulness Instructor Program

Our Mindfulness Instructor Program is the perfect solution for those who would like to start giving mindfulness sessions on short notice. This module is specifically aimed at the practical side of mindfulness, so it is not a difficult philosophy but a lot of practice and learning to guide others, which is elevating and fun.

What will you learn?
In this Instructor Level, you will master all mindfulness techniques during the first seven weeks using our unique practice schedules. By following these schedules, you become a true practitioner, experiencing all the benefits of mindfulness. 

In addition to the first basic mindfulness techniques, you will also learn more profound techniques that will have an even greater impact on your spiritual growth, and we assure you that you will love them. 

Besides mastering your new mindfulness techniques, you will learn more about the main principles of mindfulness and follow an inspiring mindfulness course every week in which you will learn even more about mindfulness.

After the first seven weeks, you have acquired all the essential techniques and knowledge. The remaining five weeks involve refining, repeating and sharpening your skills so that you become comfortable with mindfulness.

  • Guide more than 25 new mindfulness techniques
  • Teach others about the different mindfulness postures
  • Teach others about the 3 Principles of Mindfulness
  • Conduct your own guided sessions or courses

Guiding others
Also, in the first seven weeks, you will start guiding others and teaching them the techniques you’ve learned. Initially, this might feel odd, but the sooner you start, the more skillful you’ll be at the end of the program. 

In the last five weeks, you will focus more on teaching and notice that it has become more and more fluid.

Near the end
Near the end of your Instructor Level, you will have some tests to see if you have truly mastered everything you’ve learned. After completing your program, you will be really proud of yourself. 

Once you’ve finished your Instructor Module successfully, you will receive an official Mindfulness Instructor Certificate from the Inner Mind Institute. 

Go ahead and start making other people happy
With your new skillset in the field of mindfulness, you’re now ready to teach others. You can give weekly mindfulness one-on-one or group sessions, depending on what fits best for you. 

Extra personal guidance
Studying individually only suits some. Therefore, you can also choose the Instructor Module with personal guidance. You will then plan five sessions with other students with one of our teachers or masters, starting on the same date. Our guidance absolutely makes a difference in following our program successfully. We offer four starting moments per year and plan guided sessions with Master Niels.

Starting date

The next starting date for this program is:

  • 7 September 2024 (kick off session)

Mindfulness Study Sessions

  • Session 1 – Thu 12 September – 8:00 PM CEST
  • Session 2 – Thu 26 September – 8:00 PM CEST
  • Session 3 – Thu 17 October – 8:00 PM CEST
  • Session 4 – Thu 7 November – 8:00 PM CET
  • Session 5 – Thu 21 November – 8:00 PM CET
  • Session 6 – Thu 12 December – 8:00 PM CET

When you want a bigger mindfulness challenge
There is also an option to start directly with our Mindfulness Trainers Module of 12 months, a more extended program where you will dive deeper into the profound teachings of mindfulness. In this module, you will receive more guidance and initiate a more significant spiritual change within yourself. After completing this year, you will have excellent knowledge about mindfulness, and you can guide two seven-week mindfulness courses. 

Read more about the Teacher Training module

The Mindfulness Modules we offer

  • Module 1 – Instructor Level – 3 months (Starting Point)
  • Module 2 – Trainer Level – 1 year (Starting Point)
  • Module 3 – Teacher Level – 1 year
  • Module 4 – Expert Level – 1 year
  • Module 5 – Master Level – 4 years

The IMI’s Teacher Training is accredited by the International Mind Retreat Program Association (IMRPA).

Mindfulness Instructor Training
including guided live sessions


This module includes 6 guided live sessions with Master Niels.

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An innovative study program for those looking for fast results and career opportunities

Within three months, you will learn to master various mindfulness principles and almost 30 different, powerful techniques that you can immediately transfer to others during your own guided sessions.

Study under the guidance of a mindfulness master

Start the Mindfulness Instructor Training under the guidance of Master Niels (including guided live sessions). You will notice that his teachings will help you to make a significance change within yourself.

Offering a practical online study platform and a convenient app

With our Online Platform for Mindfulness and our convenient app, we offer you the opportunity to continue your studies at any moment that suits your schedule best.

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