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About Daniel

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I’m a student of Master Niels at the Inner Mind Institute. My mindfulness journey started ten years ago and, since then, I have completed several courses and retreats, such as the intensive 7-day Essential MRP in Thailand and the 7-day Standard MRP in Portugal.

I work as an osteopath, and it’s my aim to help patients improve their overall health and well-being by supporting their body’s natural healing process. By integrating mindfulness practice with osteopathy, I can take a more comprehensive and holistic approach to treating both the physical and mental aspects of health and well-being.

Mindfulness Teacher Training
In 2023, I completed the first year of the Mindfulness Teacher Training program at the Inner Mind Institute. I knew there’s still more to learn, and that’s why I decided to continue my studies, advancing to the second year of the program and learning to become a mindfulness MRP Teacher.

Sign up for one of my live courses
As part of my Teacher Training – Trainer Module, I will guide a 7-week mindfulness courses: The Mindfulness Code

For this course, I’m looking for at least eight individuals who want to gain a deeper understanding of their mind, and cultivate complete awareness of the present moment.

Starting date + dates of the sessions
Sessions during the 7-week course, The Mindfulness Code, will take place online every Monday at 19.00 (Amsterdam time). We’ll kick off with the first session on Monday, 8 July.

These are the days of the sessions:

– 8, 15, 22, 29 July;
– 5 August and
– 2, 9 September.

Easily accessible: Donation-based & Online
Joining my course is easy. I offer the sessions online so you can conveniently participate from the comfort of your home. Additionally, the course is given on a donation basis, meaning you can donate any amount before, during, or after completing the course, so they are easily accessible to everyone. It would be great if you joined my course!

Don’t hesitate to send me an email if you want more information about these courses.

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Register for my upcoming live course and make your donation before, during, or upon completing the course.

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