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About Reinier

Hi, my name is Reinier. I’m glad you found my page, and I hope you’ll be interested in my courses!

I’m a student at the Inner Mind Institute, 29 years old, and I live in Rotterdam. Some things that I like doing in my spare time are meditating, practicing yoga, playing guitar and walking/being in nature.

A couple of years ago I started my exploration in philosophy and spirituality. While it first was mostly listening and reading into subjects, gradually I started to explore the practical side as well. One of the things I added to my life was meditation and I was amazed what kind of benefits it gave me.

I really enjoyed discovering the inner world myself, but simultaneously I felt an urge to spread the word to others. Therefore, I started my Mindfulness Trainer Program in September 2023. During the course, I already learned a lot and now I am even more motivated to train others in mindfulness.

Mindfulness Teacher Training
I’m currently in the first year of the Mindfulness Teacher Training program at the Inner Mind Institute. After completing this year’s module, I’ll be a certified mindfulness MRP Trainer.

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As part of my teacher training, I will guide two 7-week introductory mindfulness courses: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (MRP Course 1) and Mindfulness in Everyday Life (MRP Course 2). 

For each course, I’m looking for at least eight individuals who want to learn about the basics of mindfulness, how to deal with challenges and difficulties, and find more inner peace in their everyday lives.

Easily accessible: Donation-based & Online
Joining my courses is easy. I offer the sessions online so you can conveniently participate from the comfort of your home. Additionally, both courses are on a donation basis, meaning you can donate any amount before, during, or after completing the course. so they are easily accessible to everyone. It would be great if you joined my course!

Don’t hesitate to send me an email if you want more information about these courses.

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