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Individual mindfulness guidance

One-on-one mindfulness sessions with Master Niels

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Individual mindfulness guidance

One-on-one mindfulness session with Master Niels

Niels is a Buddhist monk and gives one-on-one coachings sessions to people who want to learn how to deal with difficult and challenging situations. Practicing mindfulness and giving you high valuable insights plays a big role in his approach to help you. Practicing mindfulness with Master Niels is not comparable with mindfulness sessions you might have done before.

Niels is able to read and follow your mind during a session so he can pin point directly your pitfalls during your practice. By strengthening your mind you will be able to overcome challenging situations in your daily day life.

Body and mind

He not only knows a lot about how to train the mind but also about how to treat the body. As an osteopath he studied the interconnection between the body and the mind and gives advice about nutrition and treatments if needed. At the moment being a monk, Master Niels is not able to treat osteopathic wise but he can definitely find the key to your physical and mental health.

What to do after a session

To get the best result one should know how to practice the mind in the right way. Master Niels will give you specific tools where you can work on and you will notice that you keep making progress in your self-development. During your second session you will evaluate your progression and challenges that are still there.

How to make an appointment?

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“Please feel free to make an appointment. I am well willing to guide you.
Train your mind and stay mindful”

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Niels de Stürler Boekwijt is the founder of the Inner Mind Institute. In 2020, Master Niels practiced as a Buddhist monk in Thailand. In previous years, he guided retreats in Thailand and The Netherlands, organized by the Inner Mind Institute. Now, Master Niels is teaching many students through online live and on-demand available courses.

Since 2010 Master Niels traveled multiple times to Thailand to expand his knowledge about mindfulness, eventually becoming a monk for the first time in 2015. This year, in 2020, Master Niels will live as a monk for one full year. His ultimate goal is to find enlightenment and to spread his knowledge to his students.

In the Netherlands Niels works as an osteopath, treating people in the Inner Mind Center in Oegstgeest and he organizes mindfulness courses and retreats in The Netherlands and Thailand.

You can learn more about Master Niels in the documentary The White Monk. The documentary is to be released later this year. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates about the documentary and it’s release date.