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Learn in 7 days what you would typically learn in 3 months



Initiate a positive change! Learn new mindfulness techniques and how to deal with problem points


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Easily join us online if you can’t travel to the retreat center in Portugal

MRP Intermediate Retreat (7 days)

Welcome students to your online retreat! Of course, we are hoping that you will join us in Portugal for your 7-day MRP Intermediate Retreat but if you are unable to travel, joining us online from the comfort of your own home is possible. The retreat promises 7 enriching and transformative days, where you’ll gain valuable insights. Expect intensive training, a great leap in your practice, and many new insights. Read on for more details about this retreat.

A life-changing retreat
The upcoming edition of the MRP Intermediate Retreat MRP promises to be a beautiful experience. It will be the second edition of this retreat in Portugal, after the first edition in January 2024 turned out to be a great success!

This year will be the first time that our Teacher Training students can also join us online for the entire seven days. It’s obvious that joining the retreat in-person will offer you the absolute best experience. However, we understand that it can be challenging for some to travel to Portugal. As the retreat is a mandatory part of your Teacher Training, we decided to offer you the online retreat so you can tick yet another box on your journey to become a mindfulness trainer!

Practicing alone at home will require some dedication. To help you in the process, we’ll do our best to make you feel involved and a part of the group, even though you won’t be with us in the same room.

What can I expect?

During this retreat, you can expect an immersive experience focused on intensive mindfulness practice for an extended duration. It’s an opportunity to delve into profound self-discovery, particularly when you find yourself at a crossroads in life, seeking answers to existential questions, and craving a boost of energy for your endeavors.

The retreat fosters a strong sense of connection with fellow participants while granting you the freedom to retreat into silence and introspection. It offers ample space for relaxation, complemented by delectable meals to nourish both body and soul.

Throughout the retreat, you’ll encounter a multitude of potent mindfulness techniques, each leaving a lasting impact on your overall well-being. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this retreat serves as a solid starting point or a continuation of your mindfulness journey.

Upon its conclusion, you’ll not only have a clearer understanding of your next steps, but you’ll also possess a roadmap for ensuring this experience serves as a pivotal stepping stone on your spiritual path, rather than a singular event.

Mindfulness Teacher Training - Guidance by Master Niels
7-day Retreat from 25 January – 1 February 2025

The upcoming edition of the 7-day MRP Intermediate Retreat will occur from Saturday, 25 January until Saturday, 1 February 2025. You will join us each day for all the group sessions and a Q&A at the end of the day.

Guidance by Master Niels

Guidance by Master Niels
Founder of the Inner Mind Institute, Master Niels, will guide you during your stay in Portugal. Master Niels has been personally trained since 2010 by Thai Buddhist monks in northern Thailand, and even practice as a monk himself on several occasions, with the entire year of 2020 being the latest. He will teach you authentic mindfulness techniques as practiced in Thailand. During your stay in Portugal you will also be accompanied by several of Master Niels’ apprentices who are taking on the Inner Mind Institute’s Teacher Training program.

Read more about Master Niels

Where to stay during the retreat

Since you will be joining us online, having access to a fast, good-working internet connection is essential to not miss anything. Location-wise,  it doesn’t really matter where you will stay, as long as you will have a space to practice in peace. You could conveniently stay at home, or you could even book an accommodation together with other Teacher Training students and practice together!

Group sessions and individual sessions
During the retreat, we will live stream all of Master Niels’ guided sessions for you. Just like the participants joining us in Portugal, you will also go through several sessions where you will practice individually. You are free to decide if you want to practice at home during these moment, or, for example, decide to do this in your garden, a park, or even at the beach.


To get the most out of your mindfulness practice, we recommend not eating more than twice a day. In our day schedules, we’ll have a brunch and dinner brake at 10 am and 6 pm. Make sure not to eat too heavy, as it might effect your mindfulness practice.

You can experience the effect of only having two meals during the retreat. During breaks, can drink water, tea, or coffee, and have some nuts or fruit.

Living habits

Although you will join us from a distance and your normal daily life is happening just outside your front door, we recommend you to avoid too many distractions. The retreat will ask for your attention and energy, so it’s wise to stick to the daily schedule, get rested when you have the opportunity, and postpone social and mind-numbing activities until after the retreat. You can read a book (preferably related to the topic) or perform some light physical activities such as walking, but i.e. wait with visiting your friends for a culinary night or going to soccer practice.

Clothing and supplies

During the retreat, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and keeping a pen and notepad close to take notes.

What do we expect from you?

It doesn’t matter if you have just started or that you have a lot of experience with mindfulness. The retreat will be tailored to your level. During the retreat period, most people feel as if they are stepping into a warm bath. At the same time, you will also experience that your mindfulness sessions can be challenging. It therefore requires perseverance that will lead to deep insights and relaxation.

  • Patience – Try not to pay attention to the time during the retreat. This can sometimes be challenging because perhaps you are not yet used to the mindfulness sessions and discipline during a retreat.
  • Dedication – Make it clear to yourself why you have decided to go on this special journey. The more dedication you have during the retreat, the more you can reap the benefits at the end of this beautiful period.
  • Willingness – The willingness to grow and develop. Self-development is a conscious choice for a higher growth rate. This means that new insights will arise, and where new insights arise, change will follow.
  • Kindness and compassion – Be kind to yourself and others.
  • Positivity – Try to stay positive during the retreat and during the trip itself. By dealing mindfully with your feelings you give yourself a very big gift.
The practice schedule

We’ll kick off the retreat with an introductory session upon the group’s arrival at Bodhi Bhavan in Portugal. Our team will set up everything in order for you to join us online. We’ll do our best to maintain a strict schedule, but it can happen that some sessions take slightly longer or there are some delays.

You will become part of our group chat on Whatsapp, so we’ll keep you up to date there in case there are some delays.

MRP Intermediate Retreat: 25 January – 1 February 2025

Introductory session 25 January, around 5 pm CET
Start of the day 26 Jan – 1 Feb 2025 at 6 am CET
End of the day 26 Jan – 1 Feb 2025 around 9 pm CET
End retreat 1 February, around 11:30 am CET
Costs retreat
MRP Intermediate Retreat (ONLINE)

Participation in the ONLINE 7-day MRP Intermediate Retreat in January 2025


The price includes guidance and VAT.

MRP Intermediate Retreat (in Portugal)

If you rather join us in Portugal, please click here for more information and to register. Teacher Training students receive a €300 discount for the 7-day MRP Intermediate Retreat in January 2025


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