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Mindfulness Retreat Programs (MRP)

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What is a MRP?

A Mind Retreat Program is a retreat were participants learn how to practice mindfulness more intensively. With the latest techniques in the field of mindfulness, you will learn how to reach deeper layers in your practice. Our goal is to let you get in touch with the essence of mindfulness so you become truly mindful in every moment.

You can choose wether you follow this Mind Retreat Programs online or offline. The offline course will be held in a suitable accommodation where you meet other practitioners from all over the world.

IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS: As a student you also have the option to spread the required practice hours over several days. If you are unable to take the online or offline course, it is then recommended that you are regularly guided individually by one of our teachers.

IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER: If you’ve the ambition to become a teacher, you have to follow these retreats during our online or offline courses.

MRP levels

There are several Mind Retreat Programs and each program has a different level. You will start with our TRIAL RETREAT

1 Introduction | The INTRODUCTION COURSE (10 weeks online)

The Essence of Mindfulness Introduction Course is a 10 weeks online introduction course where you will be introduced to the FOUR FOUNDATIONS and THREE PRINCIPLES (codes) of mindfulness. This course provides a strong foundation in your mindfulness practice and prepares you for the MRPs.

If you want to follow the hours separately, you can do this on our online platform for mindfulness.

2 Level 1 | TRIAL MRP

The Trial retreat is a retreat where you practice mindfulness for at least 12 hours. The course takes 3 days in total and it has a rejuvenated effect on your health. During this program you will deepen your mindfulness skills and the understanding of the three principles (codes) of mindfulness.

If you want to follow the hours separately, you can do this on our online platform for mindfulness. LINK


The essential retreat is a retreat of 60 hours. The online or offline course will take 8 days and you will learn how to practice intensively on the MRPs fundamental subjects and the 3 principles of mindfulness

If you want to follow the hours separately, you can do this on our online platform for mindfulness. LINK

4 Level 3 | STANDARD MRP

The standard MRP is an online program that takes 720 hours. During this program you will test your own mindfulness skills and learn essential knowledge about mindfulness. After this program you will know which areas need extra attention.

You can follow the standard MRP at our Online Platform for Mindfulness LINK

When you have the ambition to be a teacher, you now have the opportunity to continue with our teacher training at the same time, provided you have followed all previous MRP’s offline.

5 Level 4 | MASTER MRP

The Masters MRP takes 1.684 hours where you reach the highest level of understanding the essence of mindfulness.


After each MRP you will receive a certificate. The certificate is not only special to have, but on the basis of your certificate we can also determine at what level you have achieved so that we can properly guide you further, especially when you have the ambition to become a TEACHER or a MASTER at the Inner Mind Institute.

Teacher training

After you’ve successfully completed your essential MRP, you can apply to our teacher trainings if you have the ambition to become a mindfulness teacher at the Inner Mind Institute.

Be aware that you have completed all MRP’s offline up till the ESSENTIAL MRP. After that you can apply with a motivational letter to become a mindfulness TEACHER or even a MASTER.

Click here for when you are interested in our teacher training

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