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Get to know the team behind the Inner Mind Institute

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Niels de Stürler Boekwijt

Founder / former Buddhist monk

Niels de Stürler Boekwijt is the founder of the Inner Mind Institute. In 2020, Master Niels practiced as a Buddhist monk in Thailand. In previous years, he guided retreats in Thailand and The Netherlands, organized by the Inner Mind Institute. Now, Master Niels is teaching many students through online live and on-demand available courses.

Since 2010 Master Niels traveled multiple times to Thailand to expand his knowledge about mindfulness, eventually becoming a monk for the first time in 2015. In 2020, Master Niels lived as a Buddhist monk for one full year. His ultimate goal was to find enlightenment and to spread his knowledge to his students.

In the Netherlands, Master Niels works as an osteopath, treating people in the Inner Mind Center in Oegstgeest, and he organizes mindfulness courses and retreats in The Netherlands and Thailand.

IMI - Team - Jeroen

Jeroen Dewaerheijt

Partner / project manager

Graduated as a bachelor in Visual Communication at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy, Jeroen has experience in the fields of digital media and design. His love for exploring and developing innovative online communities and his curiosity to our inner self and the world around us made him team up with Niels to build an online platform for mindfulness.

While still being relatively new in the world of mindfulness, Jeroen finds his strengths and knowledge in digital design and development. Having worked for start-ups in the music industry and internet and communication agencies in The Netherlands, he is now working as an independent digital designer in Poland. The development of the Inner Mind Institute is his biggest challenge so far.

Our volunteers

Without volunteers the Inner Mind Institute would not exist. Our team of volunteers is active worldwide. You as well can help us spread mindfulness to as many people as we possibly can by signing up as a volunteer and by doing what you do best.

Get to know the rest of our volunteers below and do not hesitate to sign yourself up if you think you can bring great value to our team!

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Our Dutch volunteers

Bojana Pajic

Social campaign

Martijn Boskamp

Video / animation

Teresa Musiał

Social campaign

Stijn Willemse


Stefania Alexandrov

Social campaign

Francieli Balieiro

Social campaign
Our Thai volunteers

Noi Tanweerakun


Suwimon Torapicharttrakoon