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The start of your Mindfulness Teacher Training for free!

Start your Mindfulness Teacher Training and get the first 4 weeks free! After your trial period, you will decide whether you want to continue your transformational journey of one year.

Mindfulness Teacher Training

4 weeks free

Pay in monthly installments after your trial
12x €125

No payment details required to enroll! Get 4 weeks of free access and pay only if you decide to continue the program after the trial period.

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Mindfulness Teacher Training with Master Niels

Personal guidance by Master Niels

“It’s great that you are interested in our Mindfulness Teacher Training! My name is Master Niels, founder of the Inner Mind Institute, and I look forward to guiding you through your trial period and the rest of your studies after that.

By enrolling in this training program, you will not only changes the lives of your future students but also that of your own. You will benefit from everything that you’ll learn for the rest of your life.

If you have any questions about this training program, I invite you to schedule a free intake with our team. I welcome you to the training program and hope to see you for our first session soon!”

Next opportunity to start:

9 May 2024

What will you learn in 12 months?

Start the Teacher Training with guidance of Master Niels, undergo a life-changing experience, and become a certified MRP Trainer within one year. Now with a risk-free 4-week free trial period.

As a 12-month module, our Mindfulness Teacher Training takes longer than most other courses. By engaging in our program, you allow yourself to fully delve into all facets of mindfulness on both a professional and personal level. This way, you will not only be ready to guide others as a more complete mindfulness trainer, but also experience the many positive effects on your own life!

Upon completing your studies, you can immediately start working or even decide to continue your
training with the next module.

Learn to comprehend and master two 7-week mindfulness courses, which you can later guide to your own students.
Immediately start your professional career as a certified mindfulness trainer upon completing the program.
Learn many new powerful mindfulness techniques.
Simultaneously undergo a personal transformation and become a complete trainer that can guide others through personal experience.
Practice for a full year to get to the real essence of mindfulness.
Rise above the superficial approach that many other courses offer.
Mindfulness Teacher Training:

4 weeks free

And pay 12x €125 after

No payment details required to enroll! Get 4 weeks of free access and pay only if you decide to continue the program after the trial period.

Start your training

How to study

Schedule your study moments

In our Mindfulness Teacher Training , you will be taught how to make your own practice schedules to integrate mindfulness into your life.

Study with our app or online platform

Conveniently study using our app or online platform. No matter where you are, you have your study material with you.

Join the guided (online) sessions

From anywhere in the world, you will join Master Niels’ guided group sessions and additional practice sessions in our Student Community.

What is included in our offer?

4 weeks of free access

to the complete study module

Kick-off on 9 May

Introductory Session on the Teacher Training guided by Master Niels

Guidance from Master Niels

throughout your Mindfulness Teacher Training

Guided live sessions

and extra support throughout the year via our communication platform

No payment details required

only pay when you decide to officially continue

Personalized feedback

on your completed assignments

Official certification

become an MRP Trainer upon completing your studies

Study with our app

or use our online platform for mindfulness

Get to know the other students

and share your experiences & ask questions

Try 4 weeks free
learn more about our Teacher Training
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If you have any questions or concerns whether this mindfulness teacher training is the right fit for you, we invite you to schedule a free online intake interview for more information and to discuss the possibilities for you to get started.

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If you want to learn more, and if you are curious about the steps you can take after completing this Mindfulness Teacher Training, you can request in the application form below.

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