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The White Monk (De witte monnik)

Suzanne Blonk is producing a documentary about Niels’ journey to become a Buddhist monk in Thailand for a year and how meditation and mindfulness have influenced his life.

Niels is happily married and has two children, but how different life was 7 years ago when he was ill and suffering of manic depression for 7 years. Thanks to osteopathy, a balanced diet and mindfulness, Niels overcame his illness.

In this documentary Niels does not only share his story, but he also hopes to inspire other people. There are a lot of people with mental complaints who have not yet found a cure. Possibly watching this documentary will be a first step in their road to recovery.

Read more about the documentary (Dutch)

World Peace Meditation Amsterdam (2018)

The Enlight Foundation, which was founded by Master Niels, organized the World Peace Meditation event in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam on Saturday 1 September 2018. World peace meditation was the successor to the Enlight Your Wish event in 2017. In 2017 the theme of the event was ‘Make a wish’. This year’s goal was to meditate for world peace with as many people as possible at the same time to take the step towards a more peaceful society.

Over 600 people came together from 18 different countries. During our program we combined music with different types of meditation.

A guided mindfulness session, Dynamic meditation, The Wim Hof ​​method, and a singing bowl concert were the main events of the evening.

With this event we supported the IMOVE foundation, a non-profit foundation which promotes free expressive movement, yoga and dance sessions to refugees and disadvantaged children.

It was an event we never forget.

Mindfulness event

Enlight your wish

In 2017 the Enlight Foundation organized the biggest mindfulness event The Netherlands. During the event, which was called ‘Enlight Your Wish’, Tijn Touber, Johan Noorloos and Niels de Stürler committed to putting the positive change that mindfulness entails on the map. Nearly 500 people from 12 different countries came together to meditate.

In such a large group, the concentration of each individual is greatly enhanced by the collective effect. It is then easier to have a deep experience, which in turn leads people to be more inclined to meditate more regularly at home. The unique experience that Enligh Your Wish created is therefore valuable for people who are just starting out with meditation, as well as for people who are more advanced.

Although less known, according to studies, the more people together are in a clear consciousness, the greater the effect. In that respect, the more people who become acquainted with meditation, the better. That is the vision from which Enlight Your Wish was born.

Buddhist monk, and teacher of Master Niels, Pra Thanadith concluded the event with a guided compassion meditation. Here participants experience wishing for love and compassion, both for themselves and others, to eventually be able to feel love and compassion intensely without having a specific object in mind. Here, too, the size of the group creates a multiplier effect.

In this context, the Enlight Foundation collaborated with the Make-a-Wish foundation, to which all proceeds from the event were donated. Likewise, the children who need it most were helped to fulfill their wish.

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