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The Inner Mind Institute is creating an online platform where students and teachers can learn everything about mindfulness. We provide courses, guided mindfulness videos, online and physical retreats, articles and study material to guide you to the essence of mindfulness

The IMI operates online and on donation basis and we believe that this is the best way to make mindfulness accessible for everyone. However, to cover the costs for organizing these courses and to realize our ambitious goal to build and further develop our online platform we are depending on you.

Our story

Master Niels, founder of the Inner Mind Institute, and his teacher, Master Thanadith, spent a long time practicing mindfulness intensively. Master Thanadith dedicated his life to the way of enlightenment and practiced according to very old and important buddhist scriptures. This ultimately led him to an understanding of the right way of practicing mindfulness.

Master Thanadith translated these old scriptures in order to make them practically understandable. Master Niels was one of the first students that followed him during the years and practiced his teachings. At that time there was no clear program available that he could follow. Many insights still needed to be discovered. Master Niels only had trust, great confidence and perseverance which kept him going. This eventually resulted in seeing the full picture.

After years and years of training Master Niels was able to translate this Eastern knowledge and wisdom into a Western perspective. He is the first one in the West that possesses this highly valuable knowledge and techniques of mindfulness, which he would like to offer to everyone in the world.

Before the Inner Mind Institute was founded, Master Thanadith and Master Niels were only able to show 10% of their knowledge on the way that leads people to the Essence of Mindfulness. Now that the program is finished, it is time to share new knowledge about mindfulness so that many people can be helped.

We are doing that by creating an online platform and we can use your help to realize it!

Why we need your donation

With the donations that we receive we try to cover the costs for creating our online platform for mindfulness. We offer our online introductory mindfulness courses on a donation basis, so that everyone is able to join the pre Mind Retreat Program (pre-MRP) and get access to the knowledge that we wish to share with the world. It’s a huge challenge, but we are confident in the merit of a donation and in the goodness of the people who want to support us.

Our online platform

The online platform for mindfulness is accessible through and is especially made for those who want to learn more about mindfulness step by step in order to get to the essence of it.

Both students and teachers are able to practice and study online by joining online courses, watching videos, receiving guided practices, making assignments and taking lessons from other mentors.

When we complete our study program literally everybody in the world is able to get the insights and teachings about the essence of mindfulness.

What we do with your donation

While we were able to make a rapid start with the development of our online platform thanks to the donations that we have received so far, we still have a long way to go. As it is our goal to make our courses widely available over the world we continue to improve and expand our platform by adding new courses, study material and functionalities that will support your practice and refine your learning experience.

In the future we wish to extend our platform into a mobile application, so that you can follow our courses at any place at any moment of the day. We want mindfulness to be a part of your everyday life, so what better way to offer this by giving you the opportunity to learn whenever it suits you best.

How you can donate

Donate to support our cause

If you believe in what we do and want to support us from a good heart, you can help us by making a tax-free donation. By adding the description “100% gift” to your donation, we will not need to pay a part as tax.

Donate for following a session or course

When you follow one of our online sessions or courses we will highly appreciate it if you can make a donation of any amount that is in balance for you, so that we can cover the cost of organizing the mindfulness course and invest in the further development of our study program for students and teachers and our online platform for mindfulness.

Become a member of the Inner Mind Institute (IMI Plus)

By becoming a member of the Inner Mind Institute, you will not only support us, but you will also enhance your own mindfulness practice! Click on the button below to find complete overview of features of our membership and get IMI Plus.

With IMI Plus you will get access to the three pre-MRP introductory courses The Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Mindfulness in Everyday Life, and The Mindfulness Code.

Get IMI Plus

Make a donation now

Making a donation to the Inner Mind Institute is reliable and easy. Click on the button below to visit our donation page and donate any amount that is in balance for you.

If you prefer to donate by bank transfer you can use the bank account details below. If you donate solely to support our cause we kindly ask you to add a comment to your payment that states the donation is a 100% gift.

For other donations please add a comment if your donation is a reward for following a course or retreat.

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Without volunteers the Inner Mind Institute would not exist. Our team of volunteers is active worldwide. You as well can help us spread mindfulness to as many people as we possibly can by signing up as a volunteer and by doing what you do best.

If you are not able to make a donation, but still want to help us you can apply to become a VOLUNTEER. Visit our Volunteers-page to apply or read more information.

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