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IMI Live is an accessible solution to practice online in the comfort of your own home with professional guidance of a mindfulness master.

IMI Live offers you three weekly online sessions with guidance from Master Niels, founder of the Inner Mind Institute. Subscribe to IMI Live to enjoy guided meditations and find answers to your practical and personal questions related to mindfulness and meditation.

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3 Live sessions per week

IMI Live offers you three weekly live sessions for only €50 per month. Easily access the sessions through our Online Platform for Mindfulness.

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Guidance from a mindfulness master

Join our guided sessions and practice your mindfulness techniques and principles, and get new insights into specific topics, such as overthinking, stress, and self-doubt.

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Including free access to IMI Plus

IMI Live offers you the opportunity to ask your most burning questions to a professional mindfulness master.

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Three guided live mindfulness sessions per week
IMI Live includes 3 weekly guided online sessions with Master Niels. The sessions are dedicated to guide you through your meditation practice, help you comprehend or get deeper insights on specific topics (i.e. compassion, wishing, dealing with certain problems and challenges), answer your questions during Q&A’s, and practice together as a community.

For who is IMI Live?
IMI Live is for everyone who wants to practice mindfulness on a regular basis to really start noticing the benefits mindfulness can have on your (everyday) life. The online live sessions are easy accessible for starters and advanced practitioners.

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IMI Live – Online meditation sessions
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Includes free access to IMI Plus

IMI Live helps you to create a routine in your mindfulness practice

With mindfulness, it is essential to have a practice routine. Other daily activities, such as work, chores, social events, and our family life are prioritized. If you want to notice the results of your mindfulness practice, having a daily routine is crucial. Practicing for even 5 minutes a day is already a great start, as long as it’s a daily routine.

IMI Live helps you to create a routine or keep the routine alive, by offering you 3 fixed weekly moments that you can dedicate to your mindfulness practice.

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Are you doubting whether our Mindfulness Instructor Training program suits you? Schedule your free intake interview and ask our dedicated support team all of your questions to help you make your decision.

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