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The Inner Mind Institute integrates mindfulness and meditation within companies. Tailor-made meditation business programs provide a sustainable solution that reduces stress during work and improves the performance of your employees.

If you want your organization to function better and create a healthy working environment for your employees, please get in touch with our organization to be of service to you.

Business meditation programs

The Inner Mind Institute offers various business meditation programs. Our introductory training introduces you and your employees to meditation at work. The Introductory and Mindfulness at Work Program teach employees for a period of 2 months or longer how they can apply meditation and mindfulness to their work and how they can deal better with stress, work better together and create a healthy working environment.

Introductory program
Mindfulness Introductory Program | Inner Mind Institute

During our introductory program, we will teach your employees all about the basics of mindfulness and meditation. The techniques they will learn immediately lead to positive effects, and after this program, they are ready to start integrating mindfulness on the work floor.

Mindfulness at work
Mindfulness at Work | Inner Mind Institute

After your employees have learned the basics, they will now learn how to integrate mindfulness on the work floor. During this process, the awareness phase begins, and employees notice what they would like to change or improve about themselves.

Mindfulness and communication

Communication forms one of the most important aspects of a company, especially during challenging times. Deep listening, compassion, and non-violence communication are crucial elements of this program

Executive Training
Executive Guidance | Inner Mind Institute

During your executive training, you receive personal guidance. During these sessions, we can bring more attention to the challenges you experience at work and focus more deeply on using your mindfulness skills to overcome them. Our goal is to help you deal with stress and work pressure better and improve your performance to work better with your colleagues.

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What we stand for


The Inner Mind Institute integrates mindfulness and meditation within companies. Tailor-made meditation business programs provide a sustainable solution that reduces stress at work and improves the performance of your employees. If you want your organization to function better and create a healthy working environment for your employees, please get in touch with our organization to be of service to you.


An employee’s psychological absenteeism lasts an average of 180 days and costs an average of 250 euros per absentee day. Absenteeism represents a potential cost item of around EUR 45,000 per year per employee who has dropped out. We see that few organizations respond to the prevention of these risks.

Absenteeism costs have a major impact on organizations, and it is better to prevent them.


To prevent absenteeism, the Inner Mind Institute focuses on making organizations stress-resistant. Our unique and scientifically-based meditation training method lowers stress levels and increases employee performance. Within organizations, performance orientation must go hand in hand with stability and health. The Inner Mind Institute believes in this.


A sustainable solution cannot be realized quickly and requires good cooperation with the organization concerned. Therefore, building a durable, pressure-reducing foundation is of the utmost importance.


During the first introductory meeting, we discuss how the meditation training program can be integrated as efficiently as possible within your organization’s business operations.


We believe it is essential that you can use our interventions in a targeted manner. Both employers and employees deserve extra support because, e.g., they are more stressed than their colleagues. Their achievements are very important and support the rest of the organization.

Online courses


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it isn’t easy to gather and practice together at a physical location. In 2021 all of our Business Meditation Programs will take place online, with sessions planned once or twice a week, depending on the tailor-made program for your business.

During the training, your employees have access to our online study platform for mindfulness. They can find summaries, training exercises, practice schedules, motivational and guided videos for the Business Meditation Program, and even take additional courses to enhance their mindfulness practice.

The Inner Mind Institute already has good experience with organizing online training sessions. In the past year, nearly 1000 practitioners worldwide followed our online live introductory course for individuals, ‘The Essence of Mindfulness,’ with another 900 practitioners practicing individually through our online study platform for mindfulness.

Online Mindfulness Course for Businesses

How our Business Meditation Programs help your business and your employees

With out Business Meditation Programs, you will keep your business vital and sustainable, while your employees benefit mentally and physically from their mindfulness and meditation practices.

Business Meditation Programs at the Inner Mind Institute

Learn everything about mindfulness and meditation

Learn how to cope better with difficulties and challenges

Learn how to integrate mindfulness at work

Learn how to quiet your mind and deal with your emotions

Reduce a busy mind, stress, worries, anxiety, anger, and a low self-esteem

Use mindfulness as a tool to improve your work performance

Improve your ability to collaborate

Increase your communication skills

Create a better work-life balance

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Companies we worked for

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Inner Mind Institute businesses - Kite Pharma
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Inner Mind Institute businesses - Govers Spil Notarissen
Inner Mind Institute businesses - 22 graden
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Inner Mind Institute businesses - Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest
Inner Mind Institute businesses - RED Company
Learn Mindfulness - Easily practice online

Guidance by Master Niels

Master Niels is the founder of the Inner Mind Institute. In 2020, Master Niels lived as a Buddhist monk in Thailand. His ultimate goal for this year was to find enlightenment and to spread his knowledge to his students.

Since 2010 Master Niels traveled multiple times to Thailand to expand his knowledge about mindfulness, eventually becoming a monk for the first time in 2015.

He has guided retreats in Thailand and The Netherlands, and is now teaching many students through online live and on-demand available courses.

In the Netherlands, Master Niels works as an osteopath, treating people in the Inner Mind Center in Oegstgeest, and he organizes mindfulness courses and retreats in The Netherlands and Thailand.

Learn more about Master Niels

Let’s discuss the options for your organization

If you want to know how the Inner Mind Institute can help you, we can schedule a non-committal video call to discuss the possibilities or set up a tailor-made business meditation program for your organization.

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What do others say about this course?

“I definitely enjoyed this course. The balance between theory, practice, and discussions was good. The group, or lesson, was a safe place to speak up, discuss experiences, ask questions, etc. Everyone got the chance to speak, and more introverted people were actively involved in the discussion by the trainer.”

Employee or manager at Johnson & Johnson

“It was very helpful to obtain the discipline to do this every day. Also, I realized that meditating in a group is great! I never expected that. The course gave me a good foundation for practicing meditation.”

Employee or manager at Johnson & Johnson

“This mediation training has definitely influenced my performance at my work. The major advantage is my interactions with people I work with. What has changed the most is the way I react and respond to a so-called ‘bad news’ or stressful situation. This has changed significantly. I’ve noticed that I start responding in a much calmer and balanced way. I give myself first a short time out for breathing before I take any action. So far, it was nothing but beneficial so I’m going to carry on with this new approach.”

Employee or manager at Johnson & Johnson

“It was a great eight weeks! The course was very educative and, at the same time, a very FRESH experience. I’ve learned new meditation techniques, which were supported by interesting and helpful theories. The classes were always run in a very nice and friendly atmosphere. I enjoyed it a lot!”

Employee or manager at Johnson & Johnson

“I became more aware of my negative habits or comments. Now, I can pull the brake in a situation or even prevent it from happening. As a result, my work and private life are more balanced and give me better results by being more aware. This also results in a better concentration.”

Employee or manager at Johnson & Johnson

“I use the techniques learned during the meditation program to focus on my work. Also, I found walking meditation to be useful to reduce stress during work.”

Employee or manager at Johnson & Johnson

“I am less distracted while doing concentrated work. I structure my
work better. And I have more compassion for my colleagues.”

Employee or manager at Johnson & Johnson

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