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Your first 3 mindfulness breathing techniques

Your first 3 mindfulness breathing techniques

Meeting Master Niels, a glimpse at a mindful master at work

Three deep breaths, a simple notion. Yet in our modern world such a hard concept to master. To take oneself out of their momentum, to purposefully step into one’s own skin. To wade through the tides of our own persistent whispers and what ifs. One core honest truth to mindful meditation is the mindfulness. The want and at times even need to step away from the distractions and to truly sit with yourself.

Becoming aware of each breath as it moves through you. Observation and completion of such a simple action is all the commitment one needs to journey further with Master Niels. To take your time and make that your own. To allow your body and mind for a time to speak to one another. To be still.

Feel your body take in each breath and follow it as it whiffs past your nostrils and descends into your lungs. On exhale take note of the way your body relaxes & processes this breath, this action of letting go. Rinse and repeat, drawing deep and exhaling slowly through your nostrils alone.

I discovered Master Niels during my journey to combat anxiety and seasonal depression, to push past and engage in healthier habits. To truly alter my reactions in the world and to redirect that energy into something more positive. It was in this video where I discovered the Inner Mind Institute. Within the fifteen minute window i was able to set aside the time to be guided & my results were peaceful and enlightening.

What you find when you approach Master Niels is a guide into finding that wholeness, that beauty in just that moment. Loving the sheer magic that is just our own meat vessel & all that we encompass.

Personally I have always found Mindful Meditation to be my peace, my stepping stones towards divintiy and this process has helped me work through a lot.

Master Niels through this shared experience provides a masterful glimpse at the Three Principles of Mindfulness. The first thing Master Niels ask of us in this lesson is to not focus in on our chest or belly, but our nose. To truly take in a breath & feel its impact on your body. As you focus in, become aware of your nostrils and the sensations it experiences as you take in this breath and release with it the tension you hold in your body.

Master Niels refers to the technique of becoming aware of the breath in your nostrils as Mindful Meditation B3. Working backwards we now move to B2. As your mind stills and you become more aware of your breathing take in a single deep breath and slowly let it out, rinse and repeat. Be sure to continue this pattern of deep slow breaths for a few moments before returning to normal breathing. In this moment if negative patterns still reveal themselves there is one last technique in this tool box that will help.

Lastly we move to B1, this is a strong quick breath in and out in recession. Do this technique 3-5 times and breathe normally. Be sure to exhale and inhale fully, deeply, yet quickly. Use this B1 technique in any moment to break the patterns revealing themselves to you and reclaim your direction of thought.

Practice these mindful meditations each and every day. Even of its for only 15 minutes in the day it does indeed help with regaining your composure in the moment. Staying in the present has allowed me to become more responsible in my roles, more diligent in my health, and more sincere in my actions. I can’t thank Master Niels enough for sharing these techniques to the world, and like you I hope to learn more.

By Nathaniel Baker

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