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Welcome to the Start of your Mindfulness Teacher Training

Welcome to the Start of your Mindfulness Teacher Training

Welcome to the start of your Mindfulness Teacher Training! From May 9th, 2024, you will engage in our comprehensive 12-month training program and study to become a certified mindfulness MRP Trainer.

With the training program of the Inner Mind Institute, you not only focus on becoming a skilled and complete mindfulness trainer, but you will simultaneously undergo a personal transformation—leading to new & profound insights, more happiness, and lasting inner peace.

Mindfulness Teacher Training

Deepen your knowledge about mindfulness, master two powerful introductory courses, and distinguish yourself from other mindfulness trainers by enrolling in an exciting new program based on ancient teachings that are still very new in the West. As a graduated MRP Trainer, you can immediately start your professional career.

Did you know you can also take on our mindfulness training programs for your personal development? Contact us to discuss your options

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What you can offer as a mindfulness MRP Trainer

If you are ready to learn all about mindfulness and are eager to teach and share its positive effects with others, the Inner Mind Institute’s Teacher Training program is the perfect choice for you.

What you can offer as a Mindfulness Trainer
📚 What does our Teacher Training look like

The Teacher Training program is available for you through our Online Platform for Mindfulness. You can access your study materials anytime and conveniently plan your study moments to suit your busy schedule best. In addition, you will attend 10 (online) live sessions with guidance from your teacher, Master Niels.

Master Niels will share 15 years of experience and wisdom with you, helping you comprehend the essence of mindfulness and how to teach others!

What we offer you with the Teacher Training

We offer the Mindfulness Instructor Training in two variations: on-demand or hybrid, combining self-paced learning with participation in 5 guided live sessions led by Master Niels. The sessions are conducted in group format and provide additional depth, understanding of the course material, and the opportunity to ask all your questions immediately.

What our Teacher Training offers you
📅 Start your training program on May 9th

You’ll start the 12-month program on May 9th, 2024. On this day, you will get access to your study materials and attend the online kick-off session with Master Niels. Find an overview of all the course dates at the bottom of this email.

🌳 What does the Teacher Training cost?

The Teacher Training is an investment in your professional career and personal life. Because we want to make mindfulness accessible to as many people as possible, the Teacher Training – Trainer Module is temporarily available for only €1450.

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More information

Request a brochure for more information on the Teacher Training on our website.

Your guided sessions with Master Niels
Mindfulness Teacher Training - dates for guided sessions
Want to learn more about our Mindfulness Teacher Training?

Schedule a free call with our support team if you want to learn more about our Mindfulness Teacher Training.

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