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Mindfulness Teacher Training: A comprehensive study program following a step-by-step approach

A step-by-step approach study program

Are you looking to help others with mindfulness, or does the thought of “giving back” resonate with you? Becoming a mindfulness teacher might interest you if you answered this question with “Yes!” or even a doubtful “Maybe…”

Besides being passionate about the subject, becoming a teacher—in the broadest sense—can originate from factors such as the desire to mentor, inspire, and make a difference. With mindfulness, the potential of making a difference is easy to access, and the positive impact you can make on someone’s life as an outcome is even more significant than with most other teaching subjects. Mindfulness has the power to change lives.

Master Niels, the Inner Mind Institute’s visionary founder, discovered the powerful results of educating others while still journeying through the final stages to become a mindfulness master. After first guiding others through weekly meditations in his living room, introducing them to the positive benefits of mindfulness, Master Niels soon realized he had much more to offer. It was not long after that his first apprentice appeared to him.

Teaching others turned out to be more complex than you might think, though. Throughout the years, Master Niels was handed pieces by his master, a Thai Buddhist monk, of something that was yet to shape into a complete puzzle. Mastering each technique or principle as part of this puzzle took a year to master.

In contrast to Asia, where mindfulness is well-ingrained in society and taught from a young age, deciphering and comprehending this knowledge on his own back home in The Netherlands, where the right mindfulness was still very unknown, appeared to be a demanding task for Master Niels. Nonetheless, the idea of spreading mindfulness on a larger scale and helping others lit a fire within him. It motivated him to put the puzzle pieces together in an orderly and complete manner. 

The result of his efforts is a comprehensive step-by-step mindfulness Teacher Training program through which students learn the right mindfulness to become a complete mindfulness teacher.

Mindfulness teacher training programs have been widely accessible since the transition of mindfulness to Western society began in the mid-20th century when pioneers like Jon Kabat-Zinn recognized the potential to address modern challenges. Examples of these programs include Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Nowadays, you can easily take on such mindfulness teacher training in-person or online at an attractive price.

MBSR, MBCT, and other renowned training programs have proven to be great and helpful courses. However, the downside of these courses is that you only learn a part of what mindfulness is and can do, mastering one specific subject—a branch growing on the tree of what mindfulness actually is. The course duration of many courses is often limited to a short period, such as eight weeks in the case of MBSR, which is sufficient to absorb and understand the theory and principles. Yet, it denies you the opportunity to focus on and find depth in your personal practice. This would have otherwise allowed you to evolve simultaneously as a person, a mindfulness practitioner, and a teacher who can lecture from their own experiences and findings.

If you want to be a complete mindfulness trainer and understand and comprehend all facets of mindfulness, from the roots to the tree’s leaves, the Inner Mind Institute’s Teacher Training program is a better option.

The Teacher Training program that Master Niels carefully composed includes all of the techniques, principles, and wisdom he obtained through his master over the years. The program spans a total of three years divided over three 12-month modules. Students can progress through the training program as far as they like, meaning it’s perfectly fine to complete only the first module and immediately start your professional career as a certified Mindfulness Trainer (MRP Trainer). Alternatively, the student can continue their studies and successively become an MRP TeacherMRP Expert, or even an MRP Master after they completed seven years of practice and guiding mindfulness courses and retreats.

While working through the program, students engage in intense mindfulness training through the Inner Mind Institute’s Online Platform for Mindfulness or their Mindfulness App, which was launched recently. 

Instead of being handed a rather static curriculum, you become the subject of your own studies, with self-study as a vital part of the program. It does not only allow students to plan their weekly hours on a moment that best matches their busy lifestyle but also to put in a sufficient number of hours in the practical part of their studies. Only by practicing the techniques and principles taught in the IMI’s Teacher Training will you come to profound insights and find the depths of what mindfulness has to offer.

As one of Master Niels’ students, you can learn all about mindfulness: from the absolute basics up to enlightenment. In the first 12-month module, you’ll start with the first three mindfulness breathing techniques, the Four Principles of Mindfulness, and the five body postures. After that, you will learn and master how to effectively apply mindfulness in everyday activities, allowing you to always be present and deal with challenging situations mindfully. Upon completing this year, you can already guide two 7-week introductory mindfulness courses to others!

So why take on the Inner Mind Institute’s mindfulness Teacher Training program? This program is for everyone who’s curious about mindfulness and wishes for others to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness. Because of the step-by-step approach, this learning program is suitable for all levels of expertise. This means you can start without any prior experience with meditation or mindfulness.

Together with you, we can make a difference. With your decision and dedication to take on the Teacher Training, you will undergo an inner transformation to become a happier person free from suffering. In addition, you allow yourself to help others by handing them a key to a more pleasant life through the courses you will guide.

Are you ready to get started? Master Niels will guide a new group of motivated students beginning on 1 December 2023. Please visit the Teacher Training page on our website for alternative starting dates and detailed practical information.

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By Jeroen Dewaerheijt
23 October 2023

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