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MRP – Mindfulness Retreat Program with The Inner Mind Institute

MRP – Mindfulness Retreat Program with The Inner Mind Institute

In recent years, the practice of mindfulness has gained increasing momentum in Western countries. We often think of mindfulness as a simple way of becoming more present, reducing stress, and finding relaxation. For this purpose, many online and in-person courses have become available, one of the most well-known being MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).

For those unfamiliar, this is an 8-week course, which aims to reduce stress and support well-being through an introduction to mindfulness. Various techniques are employed, with practices such as sitting and walking meditation, mindful eating, and so on. An awareness of thoughts, feelings, and reactions is cultivated, with the non-judgmental gaze of mindfulness as the basis of this awareness. Through learning to employ this non-judgmental awareness, positive acceptance is nurtured, and negative reactions are reduced, resulting in a decrease in stress, anxiety, and other painful experiences we so frequently struggle with.

However, with only eight weeks of practice and a focus on stress relief alone, the possibilities opened by mindfulness practice are realized only to an extent. The first steps are taken, but much of the path is left unseen. Further, without consistent practice and instruction, and the benefits of working with a group, it can be easy to lapse into old habits, and find stress prevalent once again. And yet, when practiced more deeply, mindfulness may take us so much further. For the way of mindfulness, is, at its root, the way of the Buddha. As such, its aim is the release from all problem points in our lives – the final liberation from dukkha. Far beyond the relief, mindfulness is the key to the door of enlightenment. Practicing deeply, we may unturn every stone, and shine a clear light in every corner.

“It was one of the best things I decided to embark on because I learned and received so much invaluable knowledge and profound techniques from Master Niels. His teachings are very intuitive, systematic and effective.

I have embraced most of his teachings and the knowledge gained from them has transformed my life into a purposeful one.

The amazing techniques which I have been practising truly work and have given me a new lease of life – my BE-ing is spiritually growing and healing steadily and gracefully each day with practice.”

— Marthese

This complete liberation and understanding, or enlightenment, is the aim of the Inner Mind Institute. With the MRP (Mind Retreat Program), we work to bring our mindfulness practice to full fruition. This is done through a series of courses taught by Master Niels. Most of our courses take place online, and are followed by more intensive, generally in-person, retreats. These range in length from 3 to 108 days, including several which take place in one of Thailand’s most beautiful monasteries. Through these Mind Retreat Programs, we not only build a strong foundation in mindfulness, but help nurture that seed into the strong tree it was always intended to be. This means not only helping ourselves to find temporary relief, but discovering our capacity for complete and permanent release. The MRP is designed specially to realise this, teaching mindfulness from the roots to the tip of the tree. No matter where you wish to turn afterwards, the fruits of these teachings will always brighten your life, and touch the hearts of those around you. Once found, the seed of mindfulness can only grow. We hope you will join us on the road to liberation. It is a beautiful path to walk together!

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By Imogen Drolet, kindly guided by Master Niels
28 July 2023

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