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Join Your 7-day Mind Retreat in Portugal

Join Your 7-day Mind Retreat in Portugal 🇵🇹

We are excited to welcome you to our MRP Intermediate Retreat, a Mind Retreat in Portugal’s beautiful and serene Algarve region. Join Master Niels and spend 7 enriching and transformative days filled with valuable insights, intensive training, and excellent care.
Experience transformation in the Algarve region of Portugal

Escape to the wonderful Algarve for a life-changing retreat. Nestled in the serene and secluded retreat center Bodhi Bhavan, this retreat promises a perfect setting for deep mindfulness practice and self-discovery. Surrounded by nature and the breathtaking view from Picota Mountain, you will find peace and clarity in an environment designed to support your journey.

Not only will you make more and faster progress in your practice, but you will learn to make optimal use of your mindfulness techniques. As a result, you allow yourself to be always present, come to more profound insights, find true happiness, deal mindfully with emotions, challenges & problems, and deal with difficulties, such as a busy mind, stress, self-doubt, and anxiety.

Mindfulness Teacher Training - Guidance by Master Niels
MRP Intermediate Retreat from 25 January in the Algarve, Portugal
What can you expect?

During the retreat, you will engage in mindfulness practices that offer profound self-discovery, especially if you are at a crossroads in life, seeking answers to existential questions, or craving a boost of new energy.

Master Niels’ specially designed retreat program fosters a strong sense of connection with fellow participants while allowing the freedom to retreat into silence and contemplation. You will discover many powerful mindfulness techniques suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners, making this retreat a pivotal stepping stone on your spiritual path.

Between sessions, there’s plenty of relaxation space for you to enjoy, complemented by delicious meals to nourish your body and soul.

A unique retreat experience

While we traditionally host our retreats in Thailand, recent circumstances have led us to the idyllic Bodhi Bhavan in Portugal. This new location offers a unique and accessible alternative while maintaining the essence and energy of our previous retreats. After our successful retreat in January 2024, we are confident that your stay at Bodhi Bhavan will provide you with an exceptional experience.

Accommodation & facilities

The retreat center, Bodhi Bhavan, offers beautifully situated and isolated accommodations designed for comfort and tranquility. Participants stay in a shared house with bedrooms spread over three floors, ensuring privacy and comfort. The center features a practice studio with panoramic views, an outdoor wooden platform for meditation, and a serene natural environment with gardens and hidden spots perfect for reflection and relaxation. You can enjoy modern amenities, including heated living areas, practice rooms, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Guided by Master Niels

Master Niels, the founder of the Inner Mind Institute, will guide you throughout your stay at Bodhi Bhavan. Trained by Thai Buddhist monks and having practiced as a monk himself, Master Niels brings authentic mindfulness techniques to your retreat. He and his apprentices will support you, ensuring a deeply transformative experience.

Practical details

Our retreat includes two delicious vegetarian meals daily prepared by our dedicated chef, with snacks available during breaks. The Algarve’s mild winter climate is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

We will gather in the city center of Faro on January 25 and travel together to Bodhi Bhavan, though you are welcome to arrive in Portugal a few days early to explore the country.

Cost & registration
Costs for the MRP Intermediate Retreat 2025

Book now to secure your spot in the retreat and join Master Niels on a journey of profound transformation.


“Every meditation was different, and I learned something new with each session. Results don’t come naturally, though. I’ve realized that it requires hard work, great focus, and a lot of practice. I now better understand what mindfulness is and that there is a way to calm my mind. Since my mind was always switched on, this was a great discovery I’ll take with me in my life after the retreat.”

– Rose

“If you—like me—have low energy, lost your motivation in life, or find yourself at a crossroads, I wholeheartedly recommend joining this retreat. It will help you to find new energy, new passions, and a trigger to change something. It’s for everyone who wants to move on, be happy and free of suffering.”

– Natalia

“I’m feeling a big transformation happening inside of me and the other people. We’ve gone through deep layers within ourselves, advancing to the next level. That’s really special. This retreat has helped me grow and master the mindfulness techniques (taught by Niels). It’s exciting that they help me go through the difficult process of detaching and letting go.”

– Willem

“This retreat, with the guidance of Master Niels, is undoubtedly an experience that changed my life for the better. Bodhi Bhavan is a sanctuary for the soul.”

– Sebastiaan

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We look forward to welcoming you to a retreat that promises to be an unforgettable milestone on your mindfulness journey.

Join the MRP Intermediate Retreat in 2025
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