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International accreditation by the IMRPA for exceptional performance

The Inner Mind Institute has been accredited by the International Mind Retreat Program Association (IMRPA) for its exceptional guidance and schooling of students through the Mind Retreat Program (MRP).

The IMRPA is an organization that accredits mindfulness schools and trainers globally who offer courses and retreats to individuals and companies through MRP. The IMRPA is committed to promoting the practice of mindfulness and helping practitioners develop the skills necessary to enfold enlightenment — the essence of mindfulness.

Accredited MRP training institute

As the Inner Mind Institute, we provide mindfulness training programs according to the recognized standard of excellence for mindfulness education and training. By doing so, we promote the widespread use of mindfulness practices through high-quality instruction and a consistent curriculum, improve the overall quality of mindfulness instruction, and provide a means for students to find reliable and reputable teachers.

The IMI is accredited for

The Inner Mind Institute successfully met the following standards:

✓ Teachers of the Inner Mind Institute practice at the minimum required level of a certified MRP Instructor;
✓ The Inner Mind Institute organized a sufficient number of MRP courses and retreats to at least the minimum required number of participants set by the IMRPA;
✓ The Inner Mind Institute successfully offers courses, retreats, and an online training program in the spirit of MRP, preserving its purpose, content, and structure;
✓ The teachers of the Inner Mind Institute remain up-to-date with the latest developments in MRP and continue to develop themselves as mindfulness practitioners to provide high-quality instruction strengthened by their personal experiences, resulting in a sufficient amount of required accreditation points.
✓ The Inner Mind Institute’s online and on-site training locations have been considered to be of excellent condition in order to lead MRP courses and retreats, helping them to successfully transfer the knowledge and spirit of MRP to their practitioners.

Certification for practitioners and students

For practitioners
Practitioners who complete one of the EMIC introductory mindfulness courses through the Inner Mind Institute’s online study platform as a part of MRP will receive an official digital certificate of completion. The certification recognizes that the recipient has completed the course and has demonstrated a foundational understanding of the theory behind MRP and its corresponding mindfulness practice. In addition, the certificate provides an excellent way for individuals to show their commitment to mindfulness practices and can be a valuable asset for personal and professional growth.

For students
Students who successfully complete a part of the Inner Mind Institute’s 3-year Teacher Training program will receive an official certificate indicating that they are allowed to practice as a certified MRP Trainer, Teacher, Expert, or Master, depending on their training level. This certification is a testament to the recipient’s commitment to mindfulness education and training and, in addition, demonstrates their ability to meet the high standards set by the IMRPA.

Moreover, the certificate helps the teacher spread mindfulness and knowledge about MRP to a broader community. It is an excellent way for teachers to establish themselves as qualified and competent mindfulness trainers and enhance their professional careers.

High-quality standards

To maintain their accreditation, mindfulness schools & teachers, such as the Inner Mind Institute, must adhere to specific standards. These standards include respecting the structure and contents of MRP, attending refresher courses to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, and actively providing MRP courses and retreats throughout the year.

By following these requirements, mindfulness schools and teachers can ensure that they offer high-quality instructions to their students and help promote mindfulness practice globally.

IMRPA offers a great professional perspective for MRP teachers

Students who complete the Inner Mind Institute’s Teacher Training program as part of MRP will benefit significantly from the IMRPA quality mark. The quality mark is a recognized symbol of quality and excellence in mindfulness education and training. It demonstrates that the student has completed a rigorous and respected training program and is qualified to teach mindfulness practices.

In addition, the quality mark serves as a powerful marketing tool for the student, helping them to establish themselves as a certified MRP Trainer, Teacher, Expert, or Master and to promote their services to a broader audience. It also emphasizes the student’s commitment to ongoing learning and development as they continue to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in MRP. Finally, the quality mark assures potential employers, clients, and peers that the student has met the high standards set by the IMRPA.