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IMRPA – a quality mark for high performance in mindfulness training

The Inner Mind Institute provides mindfulness training programs according to the recognized standard of excellence for mindfulness education and training through the Mind Retreat Program (MRP).

The IMRPA (“International Mind Retreat Program Association”) is an organization that accredits mindfulness schools and trainers globally who offer courses and retreats to individuals and companies through MRP (“Mind Retreat Program”). The IMRPA is committed to promoting the practice of mindfulness and helping practitioners develop the skills necessary to enfold enlightenment — the essence of mindfulness.

Accreditation by the IMRPA

As the Inner Mind Institute, we provide mindfulness training programs according to the recognized standard of excellence for mindfulness education and training. By doing so, we promote the widespread use of mindfulness practices through high-quality instruction and a consistent curriculum, improve the overall quality of mindfulness instruction, and provide a means for students to find reliable and reputable teachers.

High-quality standards (criteria for accreditation)

To maintain their accreditation, mindfulness schools & teachers, including the Inner Mind Institute, must adhere to specific standards. These standards include respecting the structure and contents of MRP, attending refresher courses to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, and actively providing MRP courses and retreats throughout the year.

Accreditation from the IMRPA is being rewarded to schools and individual trainers when they meet the following standards:

✓ Schools and trainers, such as the Inner Mind Institute, must demonstrate proficiency at the minimum required level of a certified MRP Instructor;
✓ Schools and trainers, such as the Inner Mind Institute, must organize a sufficient number of two MRP courses and retreats per year, meeting the minimum participant requirement set by the IMRPA;
✓ Schools and trainers, such as the Inner Mind Institute, should successfully offer courses, retreats, and/or an online training program that uphold the purpose, content, and structure of MRP;
✓ Schools and trainers, such as the Inner Mind Institute, must stay up-to-date with the latest developments in MRP and actively develop themselves as mindfulness practitioners to provide high-quality instruction enriched by their personal experiences, resulting in earning sufficient accreditation points;
✓ Schools and trainers, such as the Inner Mind Institute, should provide adequate online facilities and/or on-site training locations of excellent condition. These environments enable the successful transfer of the knowledge and spirit of MRP to practitioners.

By following these requirements, mindfulness schools and teachers can ensure that they offer high-quality instructions to their students and help promote mindfulness practice globally.

Receiving the IMRPA Seal of Approval

The Inner Mind Institute offers comprehensive training through MRP, fostering expert knowledge and expertise based on personal development and experiences. The IMRPA seal of approval is awarded to accomplished teachers who possess extensive knowledge, profound personal experiences, and meet the highest standards of quality in mindfulness education.

Accredited schools and trainers:

IMRPA: an initiative from the Inner Mind Institute

The quality mark of the IMRPA is an initiative by the Inner Mind Institute to guarantee the highest quality of mindfulness training in MRP. While MRP is deeply ingrained in Asian cultures, it remains relatively unknown in Western countries. Consequently, the number of schools and independent trainers teaching MRP is minimal. The Inner Mind Institute aims to change this by educating and training students to become certified teachers, supporting our mission to spread mindfulness. Unfortunately, but logically, due to the lack of an extensive learning path in mindfulness, there was no governing body to monitor the quality of education in MRP—until now.

As the Inner Mind Institute and MRP are gaining recognition, and because MRP offers an advanced and more inclusive training program than other well-known mindfulness programs such as MBSR, we felt the necessity to initiate a distinctive and independently operating body in the form of the IMRPA. This initiative aims to ensure the stable growth of the program, protect its contents and authenticity, and guarantee the highest quality educational level among all the schools and trainers who offer MRP, now and in the future.

Where MRP is a seed planted to blossom into a beautiful tree, the IMRPA serves as the fertile soil that secures stable and protective growth for the program, allowing the tree to grow branches and reach over the world, spreading mindfulness. The IMRPA guarantees independent monitoring and rewards schools and individual trainers with a quality mark, contributing to the quality and reputation of both MRP and the IMRPA.

Blossoming into an independently operating body

For the IMRPA to be adequate, healthy, and trustworthy, we understand that this organization needs to function independently. The Inner Mind Institute aims to gradually detach itself from the IMRPA as the organization becomes self-sufficient, with the right individuals in place to guarantee transparency, overall high quality, and a foundation to grow into an internationally acknowledged institution. This transition will take time, as rushing the process would compromise control over the quality of education and the growth and prominence of the Mind Retreat Program.

Supported by our affiliate Thai Buddhist monastery

After 14 years of intense training and practicing as a Buddhist monk several times, Master Niels, the founder of the Inner Mind Institute, was tasked by his master (Master T., a Buddhist monk) to spread his knowledge about mindfulness and MRP in the West. To this day, the monastery of Master T maintains a close relationship with the Inner Mind Institute, supporting both the institute and the IMRPA to ensure the correct way and highest quality of teaching MRP globally.

MRP: a protected title

The Inner Mind Institute and the IMRPA have registered “MRP” as a protected title. Only certified mindfulness schools and trainers are permitted to carry the protected title of MRP (Instructor, Trainer, Teacher, Expert, or Master) and educate others in MRP. One of the future responsibilities of the IMRPA will be to observe and evaluate the quality of certified trainers, their training facilities, their commitment to staying updated with developments in the field, and the number of courses and retreats they lead.

Certification for practitioners and students

For practitioners
Upon completion of one of the pre-MRP introductory courses through the Inner Mind Institute’s online study platform, practitioners will receive an official digital certificate of completion. This certification acknowledges their course completion and demonstrates their foundational understanding of the theory and practice of MRP. The certificate serves as a testament to their commitment to mindfulness and can be a valuable asset for personal and professional growth.

For students
Students who successfully complete the Inner Mind Institute’s Instructor’s training program, the 3-year Teacher Training program, or a part thereof will receive an official certificate indicating their qualification as a certified MRP Instructor, Trainer, Teacher, Expert, or Master, depending on their training level. This certification is a testament to the recipient’s commitment to mindfulness education and training and, in addition, demonstrates their ability to meet the high standards set by the IMRPA.

Moreover, the certificate helps the teacher spread mindfulness and knowledge about MRP to a wider community. It is an excellent way for teachers to establish themselves as qualified and competent mindfulness trainers and enhance their professional careers.

Maintaining MRP certification (refresher courses)

In the future, the IMRPA will implement stricter regulations regarding refresher courses to ensure that schools and teachers stay up-to-date with the latest developments in MRP. The new regulations will also focus on a sufficient number of courses and retreats offered throughout the year for schools and teachers to maintain their certification. Because the IMRPA is still a young organization and continues to evolve and transition into an independently operating organization, these guidelines are yet to be determined.

IMRPA offers a great professional perspective for MRP teachers

Students who complete the Inner Mind Institute’s Teacher Training program as part of MRP benefit significantly from the IMRPA quality mark. The mark is a recognized symbol of quality and excellence in mindfulness education and training. It validates that the student has completed a rigorous and respected training program, qualifying them to teach mindfulness practices.

Additionally, the quality mark serves as a powerful marketing tool for the student, helping them to establish themselves as a certified MRP Instructor, Trainer, Teacher, Expert, or Master and to promote their services to a broader audience. It also emphasizes the student’s commitment to ongoing learning and development as they continue to stay informed about the latest advancements in MRP. Furthermore, the quality mark reassures potential employers, clients, and peers that the student has met the high standards set by the IMRPA. Meeting these standards has already proven to lead to the successful transfer of knowledge and the practice of mindfulness through courses and retreats for individuals and businesses.