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Niels de Stürler Boekwijt

Mindfulness master

Niels de Stürler Boekwijt is the founder of the Inner Mind Institute. In 2020, Master Niels practiced as a Buddhist monk in Thailand. He guided retreats in Thailand and The Netherlands in previous years, organized by the Inner Mind Institute. Now, Master Niels teaches many students online during live and on-demand courses.

Since 2010 Master Niels has traveled multiple times to Lampung, Thailand, to expand his knowledge about mindfulness, eventually becoming a monk for the first time in 2015. Here, his teacher, Master Thanadith, taught him everything about mindfulness and how to integrate this method into your daily life. 

In 2020, Master Niels lived as a Buddhist monk for one full year to finish his mastership. His ultimate goal was to find enlightenment and to spread his knowledge to his students.

The monkhood has given master Niels the assignment to spread all valuable new knowledge about mindfulness or the so-called Mindfulness Code globally. The Mindfulness Code is a practice and methodology that leads to inner peace and enlightenment and is still unexplored to many of us. Together with you, we would like to change that.

In the Netherlands, Master Niels also works as an osteopath, treating people in the Inner Mind Center in the cities The Hague and Oegstgeest.


Bojana Pajic

Mindfulness teacher

Bojana originally graduated in Molecular Biology. Besides her interest in science and work in the corporate world, she has always had a passion for meditation and Buddhist philosophy. She completed the first year of the IMI’s Teacher Training and now helps people as a mindfulness teacher.

In 2016, after Bojana came in contact with Master Niels, she began her mindfulness journey. Learning mindfulness helped her in difficult times in her life. It taught her to look at things from another perspective which brought her more understanding and peace. Also, practicing mindfulness brings more balance in her hectic everyday life, working and being a mother.

Bojana finished the first year of the Teacher Training at the Inner Mind Institute, where she deepened her knowledge in teachings that support mindfulness practice. Bojana qualifies as a good listener and with her caring and open-minded approach, she is keen on supporting others to learn about mindfulness practice and experience more peace and happiness in their lives.

Michael Koymans - Profile

Michael Koymans

Mindfulness trainer

Michael’s mindfulness journey started several years ago. Because of his curiosity about mindfulness and meditation, his affinity for spiritual life was gaining momentum.

In his development process, he naturally discovered what mindfulness could bring him. An inner calmness on a deeper level had sprouted, causing certain frameworks in his life to disappear. Mindfulness gives him insight into who he really is and what life has to offer him in the here and now.

In recent years, Michael strengthened his skills through various training courses and the Inner Mind Institute’s Teacher Training. In addition, during his time at a Thai temple, Buddhist monks taught him various mindfulness techniques.

Amongst other things, Michael developed a deeper understanding of our moral compass, concentration, and compassion. As a result, he developed a new foundation of consciousness for both the body and the mind.

Mindfulness and meditation contribute to a better world. Because this is an obvious passion of Michael, he wants to translate and share his knowledge and wisdom in an understandable way and thus help others lead a more balanced life.

MRP Trainer Michael Koymans
IMI - Teacher Ton - Profile

Ton Chan

Mindfulness trainer (IT)

Ton Chan is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and physiotherapist. He followed his physiotherapy studies at the International College for Physiotherapy Thim van der Laan. He combined his last study year in 2007 with a master’s degree in physiotherapy sciences in Brussels and Lisbon.

Immediately after completing his training, Ton specialized in Chinese medicine at HWA To University. In addition, he did an internship in several hospitals in Beijing and sought further in-depth knowledge at TCM University Beijing, China.

Thanks to his specializations in Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, and deepening in psychology, Ton can treat various chronic physical and mental complaints that generally are hard to solve. The approach to Chinese medicine is to treat physical or physical complaints and not combat symptoms.

For several years Ton has worked together with Master Niels in treating patients with their complaints and even has chosen to study mindfulness at the IMI. Ton wants to qualify as a mindfulness teacher in a couple of years, giving executive treatments and retreats.

Ton Chan - Mindfulness trainer (IT)