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About the Inner Mind Institute

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The Inner Mind Institute

At the Inner Mind Institute you can learn everything about mindfulness and meditation.

Step by step we will guide students and teachers, beginners and advanced practitioners to a deeper understanding of mindfulness. We would love to show you the essence of mindfulness. Let’s get started!

Our organization

Our institute is located in The Netherlands and our department is well cooperating with monks in the north of Thailand. We provide mindfulness lessons, beginners courses, retreats and teacher trainings.

Founder of the Inner Mind Institute

Master Niels, founder of the Inner Mind Institute, is trained for many years by Master Thanadith, a venerable buddhist monk that lives in the north of Thailand. Master Thanadith trained Niels on the path towards enlightenment.

He taught specific mindfulness techniques that were essential to reach deeper realizations. Niels realized that knowing is one thing but experiencing these realizations is a totally different thing.

Therefore, Master Niels created several impactful 7-week mindfulness courses, including:

  • The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness in Everyday Life
  • The Mindfulness Code

In addition to these courses, he developed a comprehensive 3 to 7-year teacher training program designed to educate students worldwide on the profound teachings of mindfulness. By integrating and customizing the knowledge of MRP from his teacher, Niels ensured this extensive training provides students with both theoretical understanding and experiential insights.


We strive to become a worldwide organization to learn practitioners and teachers everything about the essence of mindfulness. We welcome you to help us in spreading mindfulness around the world.


There are many great teachers and gurus all over the world that share their benefits of meditation and mindfulness. The way to get to these insights and realizations aren’t easy at all and the steps that should be taken to experience all of the benefits that come with it are not transparent and visible to many of us.

Master Niels is one of the first Westerners who created a well understandable roadmap towards deeper levels of mindfulness. The right insights will come naturally when you practice the right way. Together with many other teachers we would like to spread this roadmap of mindfulness to many others.

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