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About MRP

The Inner Mind Institute offers a Mind Retreat Program that is based on ancient Buddhist teachings.

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Courses & retreats


EMIC1 - The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Learn your first mindfulness techniques and to overcome your problems

EMIC2 - Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Learn to integrate your mindfulness techniques in your day to day activities

EMIC3 - The Mindfulness Code

The mindfulness code is a specific something and I need some more text

Mind Retreat Program

Trial MRP

A 3-day mind retreat (online or in-person)

Essential MRP

7-day Mind Retreat | In-person or virtual

Standard MRP (TT only)

10-day Mind Retreat | In-person or virtual

Expert MRP (TT only)

6-month Mind Retreat in Thailand

Master MRP (TT only)

7 Years of MRP practice