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Learn mindfulness and find inner peace

Do you want to become a mindfulness teacher or simply learn more about mindfulness? Let us help you!

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Everyone of us go through challenging situations, wether we’ve to deal with stress, business, sickness or any other difficulty. Now more then ever it is needed to take care of our mental health and we noticed that this has become a necessity to stay happy and healthy.

At our institute we would like to help you to find true happiness and more connection with others by teaching you life-long skills through our courses and retreats.

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Mindfulness training

From beginners to mindfulness to advanced practitioners, the Inner Mind Institute offers mindfulness courses and retreats suitable for all levels.

You can start with one of our 7-week introductory mindfulness courses, take on one of our more intense Mind Retreats to deepen your practice and come to new insights, or start our Mindfulness Teacher Training program to equip yourself with the skills to guide and inspire others.

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You can’t breathe into the future, 
and you can’t breathe into the past.

Master Niels – founder of the Inner Mind Institute

Start with the basics

MRP is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. Start with the basics and move onwards.

Integrate in your life

Integrate your mindfulness practice into your everyday life to make a positive shift in your awareness.

Improve your health

Enjoy the benefits of mindfulness as it elevates your mental and physical well-being.

Find enlightenment

The Inner Mind Institute guides you, step by step, in your way to find enlightenment.

Beginning practitioners

Intermediates & advanced

Aspiring teachers

Employees & executives

Beginning practitioners

Intermediates & advanced

Aspiring teachers

Employees & executives

An introduction to MRP

Unlock your full potential and cultivate inner peace with Inner Mind Institute’s Mind Retreat Program (MRP). Our comprehensive mindfulness course is designed to help you achieve lasting happiness and enlightenment by harnessing the power of mindfulness. Start your journey today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

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MRP provides you the tools and techniques to improve your physical and mental health while always staying in the present moment

Make the positive results of your mindfulness practice sustainable rather than going for a quick fix. Already by learning your first mindfulness breathing techniques and the basics of MRP, you will notice the positive impact of the program on your life.

When you persevere in your practice and delve deeper into MRP with our courses and mind retreats, you will notice that physical and mental complaints, such as stress, self-doubt, and a busy mind, decrease or even disappear. MRP forms the foundation for always staying in the here and now and enjoying the benefits for a lifetime.

Mindfulness practice based on ancient teachings of the Buddha

The origin of the Mind Retreat Program dates back to the original teaching of the Buddha and are transcribed and adjusted to match Western society

Learn powerful new mindfulness techniques with MRP

MRP offers you a toolbox of powerful new mindfulness techniques to overcome your problems and challenges and help you stay present

From your very first introduction all the way up to enlightenment

The Mind Retreat Program guides you from the first foundations of mindfulness all the way to enlightenment

Study as a practitioner, a student, or business employee

The Inner Mind Institute offers complete mindfulness programs for individual practitioners, aspiring mindfulness trainers, and businesses.

Practice online or at one of the locations of the IMI

Easily practice online with our donation-based courses and mind retreats or via our online learning platform or join us in one of the IMI’s locations

Effectively improve your mental and physical health in a sustainable way

Make the positive results of your mindfulness practice sustainable, rather than going for a quick fix.

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What can you achieve with MRP?

The first effects of practicing MRP become noticeable quite quickly. By applying MRP in your practice and integrating it into your daily life, you can experience a positive transformation within a short period, addressing both physical and mental challenges.

Consistent dedication to your practice is crucial to make this transformation sustainable, ensuring you do not revert to old pains and habits. MRP is designed to cultivate long-lasting happiness and may even guide you to enlightenment.

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Learn all about mindfulness with your monthly subscription to IMI Plus

Access a comprehensive collection of powerful introductory mindfulness courses and additional study modules, empowering you to enhance your mindfulness practice while practicing at your convenience.

IMI Plus


After your free trial, your monthly subscription to IMI Plus costs EUR 10,00 and automatically renews each month.

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Study at the IMI for only €10 per month

On-demand access to all mindfulness courses

Claim your spot for live courses and retreats with priority registration

Become a valued member of the IMI Plus community

Apply for online personal guidance

Get access to useful practice schedules

Join weekly live practice sessions

Watch and listen to guided mindfulness sessions

Support your practice with additional study modules

Receive a certificate after completing each of the pre-MRP courses